Gomez Peer: Get Paid to Do Nothing Online!

125x125piggybank Gomez Peer: Get Paid to Do Nothing Online!GomezPeer is around for a couple of years but what a pity doesnt widely known by many web surfers. In this earning revenue model, you do nothing and they pay you for your computers idle time. As you are aware of time is internet time and we’ve all come to depend on the internet, whether for news and information, shopping, stock trading, bank transaction, email communication and socializing or even critical business transactions. Unfortunately, all these busy activities face us to expect delays, slow pages, sites that grind to a halt, and even important transactions that don’t execute. Now by signing up to to this service, there’s a way for you to help make a difference in the performance of the Internet by using the otherwise unused capacity of your PC. And, earn cash in the process! What GomezPeer is doing in here is using the combined computing horsepower of thousands of PCs around the world, and with all these collected information, they can measure, for the first time, the real-world performance of Web sites — from the end-user’s perspective. The data collected by you will be used by Gomez‘s customers to improve the performance of their Web sites — eventually improving the online experience for us, internet users, all. So help to speed up the process time in internet and earn free money just to be online…

So what do all we have to do to start money by using our computers idle time? Open your free Gomez Account by clicking here.

After filling out the short form your application will be reviewed. The service is available worldwide and for any speed connections from dial up to broadband connection. So while filling out the form try to give correct information since your speed is also critical measurment for the service. As of this writing, people living in US, China, Germany, UK, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Canada and South America are the mostly welcomed to the program as I said although the program is available internationally. After your account is accepted as pending and/or active your commisions will be started to be paid monthly to your paypal account. If you still dont have a paypalaccount yet click here to open. It’s free.

There are two small programs, one for US connections and the other for the international members. You will install the one suitable to your situation. The process is a background process so you will hardly notice anything about your daily coınnection speed. If you want you can check the activity situation by clicking its icon on taskbar.

Based on your computer’s characteristics (Internet connection type, geographic location and Internet service provider), your PC will receive instructions to autonomously test the performance of Web sites — gathering important metrics that help identify network bottlenecks and performance problems. All of this happens “behind the scenes,” even when you’re away from your PC or asleep. Finally, your PC will send its results back to Gomez, where they are added to the work of thousands of other PCs around the world.

The program is only available on windows based PCs as of yet icon sad Gomez Peer: Get Paid to Do Nothing Online!

If you refer your friends to this program you will be rewarded for your recommendation and for each active members you refer to the program you will be rewarded 1$.

I hope this unique get paid to be online service might be profitable for you…

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